San Francisco Fog 2000 oil 40x 46

San Francisco Fog 2000 ©
Oil on canvas 40 x 46

In San Francisco walking along Fisherman's Wharf I went to see the sea lions in for the night.Out on the pier that goes out further into the bay,the fog was thick and dense.Upon reaching the end of the pier it was impossible to tell where the sky ended and the water began.The sense of disorientation was tremendous.It like was like one of those life experiences that engulf you and which seem to have no beginning or end.

House in the Night 2002 42x46 oil

House in the Night 2002©
42x46 0il on Canvas

Sometimes we seem like there are worlds inside of us,and perhaps there are .Looking into her eyes it seemed like looking into a house where ideas flashed like lights in the windows .Through the windows memories were scattered like chairs in empty rooms. Looking hard there was a stranger who was a unknown to me and who would never be found.

House in the SUN 2002 42 X46 0IL

House in the Sun 2002©
42 x 46 Oil on canvas

The world surrounds us and overwhelms us on many levels.Yet behind it the light continues The spirit of life and love overcomes the world and makes things alright somehow.
On a cold winter day in New York city's East Village sitting in on a bench the sun peered low over the surrounding buildings,lifting my heart again.

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