About the artwork:

Someone once said that "Art historians speak about what pictures mean,but artists discuss where to buy the best turpentine".
It has always been my belief that this is true.
So, in this segment our discussion will be about what was thought and felt during the painting process. Not about what they mean.
Some aesthetic philosphers maintain that we create the world.Hence in my paintings a world is created for the viewer to inhabit and rarely populated by anyone else.It is colored with feeling and enlivened with texture and brush strokes.
Welcome to my world, enjoy. Joe Cook

Soho Sunset 1997 oil 38x 46

Soho Sunset-1997
oil on canvas 38 x 46

The lofts of Soho were the home of the fashionable New York art scene in the 1970's
Artist found loft spaces, replacing the industrial firms they had been there previously.The picturesque steel and ornate facades of the buildings loomed over cobblestone streets and the remaining water towers stood against the sky.

Many Saturdays my friends and I would wander from art receptions to art reception,drinking free wine,eating cheese and viewing the art that filled the galleries that proliferated around the artist lofts.


November Evening oil 38x 46 1998

November Evening 1998
Oil on Canvas 38 x 46
Early November in Sunset park, Brooklyn ,New York where my whole life has been spent.The air has begun to chill as autumn arrives late this year and the sun is lower in the sky.The buildings and clouds dance to the melancholy tune of the winds whistling through the leaves and the dust from the streets.The sadness that always comes with the shorter days begins to fill my heart reconciled with the rebirth that follows winter.
On New York Harbor 1997 oil 36x 46
On New York Harbor 1997
Oil on Canvas 36 x 46

Crossing New york harbor on the Staten Island Ferry the light reflects on the water and through the clouds behind the New Jersey shore. Magically, the industrial towers and buildings take on the mystery of castles and unknown kingdoms. Who dwells in these structures and what are their lives like? What are the gasses that make the sky colors God never made? The lights in the windows speak of their mysteries.

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